Fundraising Raffle! 

I’m heading back to El Salvador once again in January to work with the Martinez family and we're having a RAFFLE! 

Your financial support to make this happen with our Fundraising Raffle would be very impactful!

Together we can help the Martinez Family and make a lasting difference in all their lives.

$50 donation for each ticket
No limit of tickets! Buy more tickets - get more chances to win!

Good luck and thanks for your support!
Don't forget to share this fundraising opportunity with family and friends too.

3 Lucky winners chosen at random on 11/1/21
*1 Prize per person

*All donations will be used solely for this purpose. I will be covering my travel costs, accommodations separately.

On this trip, I’m also raising money for continuing of the boys English lessons. Fransisco, Alejandro, & Emerson are currently in their third month of learning with Anibal Escobar as their teacher.

We are very pleased with the progress they are making! I am currently funding their education at $300 per month. Your donation would be very helpful as funds are starting to run low.*

Driving & Giving Back to those in need. . .