Rides & Rates

  HOURLY Rides

  $45 per hour
  *3 hour minimum

   *Friday & Saturday 
   after 5pm: 5 hour

  Special FLAT   
  RATE Airport   


Your personal chauffeur arrives in his or her own vehicle at your designated pick up location (such as work or home)and drives you to and from the destination of your choice in your vehicle.

Change of plans or maybe someone isn't feeling well? We understand that things happen. We require a 3 hour notice for all cancellations otherwise a late cancel charge may apply.*

*The charge would be 3 hours for hourly rides or the total cost of an Airport ride. We take every situation into consideration before a late cancel charge is made.  

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Venmo or cash.

*Gratuities not included but appreciated

Billable Time
Billable time begins when the chauffeur reports to the client’s pick-up point and ends when the chauffeur returns to the client’s pick-up point or other location previously designated (Additional charges may apply).

A 3 hour minimum will be charged for all pick-ups (except Friday and Saturday after 5pm.) A 5 hour minimum will apply. Hours are billed to the nearest 15 minutes. There are no split shifts.

Travel time charge of a half hour applies for a pick-up of more than 30 minutes travel time to the pick-up location.

Our Chauffeurs
All of our experienced chauffeurs pass a strict screening process including third-party background checks and DMV records are reviewed periodically to ensure our driver's compliance and competency.

The chauffeur operates under the insurance policy assigned to your vehicle to guarantee that you are fully protected under the insurance industry's permissive clause.

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